Telescopic Pole Parts & Accessories

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Grips and Collars for Unger 30 ft Pole
$4.21 to $12.35
Unger 3-Section Inside Collar (Large)
Unger 3-Section Outside Collar (Large)
Unger 3-Section Pole Grip (Large)
Unger 2-Section Inside Collar (Small)
Unger 2-Section Outside Collar (Small)
Unger 2-Section Pole Grip (Small)
ErgoTec Locking Pole Tip Red
Unger Cone Adapter (OLD Style)
Red Unger Pole Tip
Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone (NEW Style)
Unger Threaded Wood Cone Adapter
Unger HiFlo Euro Thread Adapter
Cranked Joint Angle Adapter
$18.98 to $22.83
Unger Extension Pole Pure Water Conversion Kit
Unger Henry's Handi Handle - Single
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