Unger Master Restroom Cleaning Kit

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These restroom cleaning tools provide a higher standard of hygiene and are ergonomically designed to increase worker productivity and improve worker health. The restroom cleaning systems include cleaning tools that are color-coded in red, clearly distinguishing them from other cleaning tools. This simplifies training and prevents risk of cross-contamination.


  • All tools fit compatibly on standard janitorial carts.
  • The tools are designed to remove dirt effectively and to prevent bacteria from spreading.
  • The microfiber tools remove dirt better from uneven surfaces and require less use of chemicals.
  • The Unger cleaning process and tools provide better hygiene, increase productivity, and enhance ergonomic performance.
  • The Master Restroom Cleaning Kit

    This kit contains the following items:

  • 1x SpayerOnABelt (SOABG)
  • 1x The Belt (UB000)
  • 10x SmartColor™ MicroWipe™ Red (MF40R)
  • 10x SmartColor™ MicroWipe™ Yellow/Red (MF40Y)
  • 3x Restroom MicroMop 15.0 (MM40R)
  • 1x Restroom Mop Holder (SM40R)
  • 1x Easy Hose Adapter (WH180)
  • 1x Restroom Bucket and Press Combo 30L (COMBR)
  • 1x Ergo TelePole (EP24R)
  • 1x Ergo Dustpan with Broom (EDPBR)
  • 1x 18" NiftyNabber (NN40R)
  • 1x StarDuster® Pro with 1 Sleeve (LWDUR)
  • 10x StarDuster® Pro Replacement Sleeves (DS10Y)
  • 1x SmartColor™ SwivelBrush (SB20G)
  • 1x SmartColor™ Swivel Corner Brush (CB20g)
  • 1x 14" Ergo Wall Squeegee with ACME grip (EW35R)
  • 1x 14"ErgoTec® Restroom Squeegee Complete (ES35R)
  • 1x 18" SmartColor™ Washer 15.0 Red (EC45R)
  • 1x Ergo Pole (HH13R)
  • 1x Unger Restroom Cleaning System Action Video Kit (VRTUS)

  • 1x Ergo Toilet Bowl Brush - Complete with Holder (BBWHR)

  • Unger Part No. MKITR

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