Unger HiFlo nLite Yellow Solar Radius Pure Water Brush 24 Inch

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Cleaning with just Pure Water? Absolutely!

The Unger HiFlo nLite line of brushes are designed to allow you to tackle any cleaning challenge with confidence. With the bristles spread out, water can freely flow along the solar panel surface. They scrub away the dirt so that the Pure Water can rinse it away—without chemicals!

The Unger HiFlo nLite Solar Radius Brush is super-light with yellow, unsplit bristles for cleaning solar panels. The bristles are configured in a radiating pattern for larger surfaces and the angled bristles are great for cleaning edges and sills. It features multiple jet connections for interchangeable jets. Multiple sets of jets means more options for cleaning. Add extra pencil jets, change them out for fan jets, or mix and match pencil and fan jets. Multiple jets means more water where you want it and more versatility, especially when dealing with hydrophobic surfaces.

This product comes as a complete unit with all shown in the picture: brush, Euro thread socket, one pair of pencil jets, and hose assembly. It’s ready to attach to the Unger HiFlo nLite poles.


  • 24 inch block
  • Bristles are in a radius pattern, great for large surfaces and edges or sills
  • Soft, flexible, unsplit bristles
  • Bristles easily splay for good cleaning coverage
  • Super-light block with ten jet connections
  • One set of pencil jets included

What comes with the Unger HiFlo nLite Solar Radius Brush?

The Unger HiFlo nLite Solar Radius Brush is a complete brush for Pure Water solar panel cleaning, and it comes with the following parts included:

Unger Brush Socket

Attached to the block with two screws, the Unger brush socket allows you to attach your brush to a Euro thread and use with a waterpole for Pure Water cleaning.

Unger Pencil Jets (one pair)

Pencil jets are the standard type of jet for solar panel cleaning. They feature a single round hole for a single stream of water at light pressure. Pencil jets are great for cleaning solar panels.

Unger HiFlo nLite Hose Brush Connection Kit

This is a t-fitting with two short sections of hose to connect two brush jets to the main hose on a waterpole. If you want to add a second set of jets, make sure to get TWO more hose brush connection kits. You’ll need three total to hook up four jets and then connect them all together to attach to the main waterpole hose.

For replacement parts, see the related items below.

Why is the brush important for Pure Water cleaning?

The brush is the main point of contact between you and the solar panel. The bristles scrub the dirt off before the Pure Water can rinse it away. You want bristles that can splay out over the solar panel for good cleaning coverage. Different shapes of brush or types of bristles can make a difference on how the brush cleans. See the related items below for other brush options.

What type of waterpole is best for this brush?

The waterpole you choose will depend more on the heights you need to work and your budget. The longer the waterpole, the higher grade material you’ll need, to make sure the waterpole is light enough and rigid enough to work at those higher heights. From lowest working height to highest, the Unger HiFlo nLite waterpoles that would work best for you are listed below:

  • 0-30 feet: Aluminum
  • 0-33 feet: Hybrid
  • 30-55 feet: Carbonfiber
  • 55-66 feet: High modulus carbonfiber

Each of these watepole options are listed below in the related items. There are also waterpole kits (including the waterpole, brush, hose, gooseneck, and the necessary connectors) available as well as complete systems with a Pure Water system and a waterpole together.

Only available in 24 inch.

Unger Part Nos. NL27Y, NL40Y, NL60Y

Caution: Always refer to the solar panel manufacturer’s care guide for cleaning. Some solar panels require special considerations when cleaning.

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